Alliance Or Agreement

Who would have thought that cooperation would bring a competitive advantage in the economy? With the fourth wave of the industrial revolution, cooperation has become a determining factor in the success of a company. When the company`s giants started working with other brands, small businesses began to follow suit. If you decide to follow the path, here you will find a brief process to build an alliance that benefits your organization. The formation of a strategic alliance is a process that usually involves a few important steps that are mentioned below:[11][26][27] The alliance is a cooperation or cooperation that aims at a synergy in which each partner hopes that the benefits of the alliance will be greater than individual efforts. The alliance often involves technology transfer (access to knowledge and expertise), economic specialisation,[1] common spending and shared risks. In the 1970s, strategic alliances focused on product performance. The partners wanted to obtain raw materials of the best quality at the lowest possible price, the best technology and better market penetration, while the focus has always been on the product. Michael Porter and Mark Fuller, founding members of the Monitor Group (now Monitor Deloitte), distinguish between the types of strategic alliances according to their objectives: the dark side of strategic alliances has been increasingly taken into account in different management areas such as business ethics, [19] marketing,[20] and supply chain management. [21] The term « dark side » has been used in general to refer to the risks and negative dimensions of strategic alliances, ranging from adverse outcomes to ill-intentioned behaviour or unethical practices. [22] All materials contained in this Agreement and your property will remain the intellectual property of the party making such items. Long-term strategic alliances often find themselves in a hole where they lose their competitive edge.

Much like a pack of wolves that, after a long time, loses the motivation to follow its leader, employees of companies can lose touch with the initial purpose of the alliance. . . .

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