Autodesk License Agreement

Autodesk® Software is not sold. On the contrary, we grant it to the end user under the terms of a software license agreement. Autodesk Software License Terms may vary depending on the specific product of the software and the version you have licensed from Autodesk, as well as the specific geographic region in which you purchased your software license. Below you will find step-by-step instructions from the Autodesk site to manage licensing, user access, and availability: 2.4.7; Notwithstanding all other provisions of this Individual User Subscription Agreement or in the applicable Autodesk License and Service Agreement, all licenses made available to you and your designated users, in combination with a subscription to individual users, are the « Fixed Term/Limited Time/Rental License » license type for use only by designated users. Any software (including updates or updates) that Autodesk makes available to you or provides to you is licensed, will not be sold for a limited subscription period, and you may not transfer or assign the license, except as expressly permitted by applicable law, regardless of a contractual prohibition to the contrary or as expressly authorized in writing by Autodesk. Your subscription to a Web Service does not license you to the underlying software used to provide the Web Service. Angry staff: One of the most common ways to launch an audit is a report from a current or former employee, who often seeks financial reward or sanction from the company. Autodesk facilitates notification of an unlicensed software company on this site. All companies that are interested in a comprehensive software asset management program should introduce a company-based policy covering all software installed on its network. The programme should enable real-time management of all services and licences in order to avoid possible licensing gaps. In addition to performing internal audits, licenses can be managed through the Autodesk Network Licensing Manager. All Autodesk products contain a serial number for each installation. There are a number of frequent illegitimate or « cracked » serial numbers circulating on the Internet, including those that repeat themselves (for example.

B 696-696969) or increasing numerically (123-456789). If any of the serial numbers assigned to current autodesk installations are similar to these numbers, they are probably not valid and should be immediately removed and replaced with legitimate autodesk licenses. Upon termination of these Terms for any reason (i), your account, subscriptions and other offerings, including those of your authorized users, will be terminated immediately; (ii) You will cease to access the Offerings (including access and use by your authorized users) and (iii) the effects described above with respect to the expiration or termination of a subscription or other offering will apply. . . .

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