Michigan Severance Agreements

The employer may feel that it is necessary to contact the remaining workers on the broken report to ensure that morale is not affected by the publication of incomplete information on the severance agreement. For example, the employer may include a severance contract to encourage the worker to stay longer in the company or to try to properly inform the company before voluntarily terminating the company`s employment. The agreement may provide that obtaining severance pay – whether in the form of unpaid leave or other compensation – depends on one or both of the above conditions. In addition to the company`s exemption from liability for labour law, a severance agreement may contain clauses: these are just some of the problems you may encounter in severance agreements. We can help you decide whether signing a redundancy agreement, trying to negotiate a better deal or pursuing legal action is in your best interest. Together, we will gather the information we have in limited time, examine risks and options, and make a strategic decision on how to proceed. We have a good reputation as a party to the trial. As a result, employers are often more likely to settle cases with us quickly than at the risk of being brought to justice. If your employer has asked you to sign a severance agreement, it is a good idea to discuss it first with an employment lawyer. Once you have signed the contract, it may be impossible to change the terms unless the agreement has been poorly drafted or your employer has violated your rights. Often, but not always, the terms of employment can be defined in an employment contract. You should also keep in mind that an employment contract can change standard assumptions as it sees fit and set specific conditions for the conditions under which employees can be laid off. The question of whether the employer proposes severance pay is generally included in such an employment contract or in the company`s guidelines and procedures.

For many, severance agreements are presented in a very emotional period. People are forced to make a quick and critical lifestyle choice, without much facts available about what happened or what awaits us. For long-term workers, this can be a shocking event such as a divorce, unless an employer asks them to sign a severance agreement that affects their entire future – with only one or two weeks to take it into account. After the separation, the employee will want an audit and will merit payment being made as agreed. It is absolutely necessary to contact a lawyer before signing or accepting a compensation agreement. The rights you give up can be much more damaging than the short-term financial benefits you will get from a package of severance pay. Contact Carla D. Aikens` law firm to arrange advice and allow our experienced lawyers to verify and analyze your unique circumstances of dismissal or dismissal. For many workers, particularly in the positions of employee and management, the termination of the employment relationship is often accompanied by an offer of severance pay. I emphasize the word offers because many people do not realize that a redundancy package, such as a contract to buy a car or a house, can be negotiated and improved, provide them with the income and services you need while you are unemployed and between jobs.

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