Stamp Duty On Loan Agreement In Karnataka

Documents that do not have to be registered but have to pay stamp duty 2) In case the property is not received, the stamp duty to be paid is 10 rupees for five hundred rupees each (rule 500 / -), the upper limit of Rupees being one lakh (rule 1.00.000 /-). Section 54 of Schedule 1A of the Delhi Stamp Act provides that the stamp duty on the return of the mortgaged immovable property is 3% of the equivalent set out in the deed. A 2% discount may be granted if the property is held by a woman or woman. If the assets are held jointly by the woman, the reduction is only envisaged for the shares she holds. The most common method of paying stamp duty in Karnataka is by stamp sellers. The Kaveri-2 software is designed for the registration of real estate documents, the chief minister said. Stamp duty in Karnataka has already been lowered to 3% for units with prices between paragraph 21-35 Lakh. Real estate located above Rule 35 Lakh benefits from a stamp duty of 5% and the registration fee remains absolutely unchanged. This goes beyond the prior reduction of stamp duty for affordable housing units up to Rs. .

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