Texas Real Estate Independent Contractor Agreement

8 B Full agreement: This document contains the entire agreement between the parties and can only be amended by the written agreement C No assignment: No party may cede this agreement or any interest in this agreement without the written agreement of the other party D heirs and successors: the obligations of the parties under this agreement and the right of the parties to compensation, Reimbursement or compensation under this agreement for the successors of the party concerned, the approved beneficiaries of the assignment, the heirs, the executors and the administrators e Controlling Law: The laws of the State of Texas govern the interpretation, validity, benefit and application of this agreement F Severable Clauses: If a clause of this agreement is invalidated or unenforceable by a court , the rest of this agreement is not affected and all other provisions of this agreement remain valid and enforceable: the waiver of a provision of this agreement by a party is valid only if the written waiver is a waiver, In writing or not, cannot be construed as a waiver of a subsequent violation or a non-performance of the same provision or other provision of this agreement It is expected to conclude a legally binding agreement READ IT CAREFULLY If you do not understand the effects of this agreement, consult your lawyer before signing the associated name Printed (as on license) Broker Es Name Printed License No By: Associate`s Signature Date State Postcode Cinco Village Ctr Blvd, nr. 100 BureauAdresse Katy, TX City, State, Postcode Home Phone Handy (832) Office Phone (832) Fax Fax Number page 8 of 8 INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT Contract Date:, 20 Brokerage Firm: (Broker) Company Address: Associate Broker/Sassman: (Associate) 1. The Statement of Understanding, a licensed Michigan real estate agent, contains statements that have been agreed by the agent, which would help confirm the existence of an independent contract relationship under the law. It should be concluded annually to confirm the relationship between you and your agents. 3 C prospects and transactions: unless legal or expressly authorized by the broker, the partner may not be aware of persons with information about: (1) the broker`s prospects or the broker`s relationship with any interested person; or (2) The guidelines and activities of broker D Survival: This paragraph 10 survives the termination of this E NOTICE contract: All Internet data assembled, transmitted or received on the broker`s computer or network are considered to be part of the broker`s records and are, as such, subject to verification by the broker: (1) and 2) Disclosure may be made by law enforcement agencies or, moreover, as the law may require unauthorized use, Installation, reproduction or dissemination of trademarks or patented material on the Internet or in some other way prohibited 11 OWNERSHIP OF LISTINGS AND REPRESENTATION AGREEMENTS: All lists, representation agreements, agreements , are exclusively held by the broker 12 RECEIPT OF MONEY BY ASSOCIATE: A Compliance with Contracts: the partner must immediately deposit all cheques or funds received by the partner in accordance with the contracts under which cheques or funds are received. : Unless otherwise authorized by the broker, the partner must obtain any compensation for brokerage services received by clients, clients, trustees, trust companies, securities companies, interested persons or others to brokers for payment in accordance with this agreement, including, but not limited to, the cheque, credit card, debit card, project or tradable instrument, payable or issued to partner 13 FACILITIES: The broker makes available to the partner the following offices in the broker`s office for applications related to the broker`s real estate: Cinco Village Center Blvd, Suite 100, Katy, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm the performance as part of this agreement does not require the partner to be present in the Office of Broker 14 : , including brokerage services provided by the partner, can only be placed by broker or only with broker demorite and broker agreement is available according to Erme

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