User Agreement Broken Traduction

For individual user licenses, quotas cannot be transferred to other users. As part of a team license, a global contingent can be made available to the entire team. While lenders may see that the company has hired customers and customers before production began, they are more likely to authorize an extension of a loan or loan. Thus, acquisition contracts facilitate the financing of the construction of a facility. The Commission shares the view of the Netherlands that the service, as described in the concession period and the concession contract, constitutes a general service of economic infertility for the following reasons. The concession contract was also amended in 2005 and 2007 to allow ENVC to sub-concessions on part of the country for wind turbine production. Frequent short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus In reality, the repayment of the loan granted to the EIB is the commitment of a trader resulting from the financial agreements that the concessionaire had to conclude to execute the concession contract. . Search results: 186. Precise data: 186.

Elapsed time: 169 ms. . . . In the case of a concession, the amount of the fee shall be fixed by the concession contract [15]. If the customer has purchased an IP access license, DeepL ensures that all requests to from the authorized area to be provided by the customer are automatically forwarded to the DeepL Translator Pro. In this case, there is no need for administration or registration of individual users and no restrictions on individual seat licenses apply. « Agreement » means the agreement between Customer and DeepL regarding the subscription and use of DeepL`s products in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. « Internal Users » means users of the Customer`s access to the Products for internal customer purposes, for example.B. employees of the customer, employees of related companies (in accordance with §§15 et seq.

of the AktG), free collaborators or service providers of the customer. Force majeure clauses often protect against the negative effects of certain natural acts such as floods or forest fires. In addition to providing a guaranteed market and a source of supply for its product, a buy-back agreement allows the manufacturer/seller to guarantee a minimum result for its investment. Since Taketake agreements often help secure funds for the creation or expansion of an investment, the seller can negotiate a price that guarantees a minimum return for the associated products, thereby reducing the risk associated with the investment. A sales contract is an agreement between a manufacturer and a buyer for the purchase or sale of parts of the manufacturer`s future products. A taketake contract is usually negotiated before the construction of a production site, such as for example. B.B a mine or plant, to ensure a market for their future production. Over-the-counter agreements are legally binding contracts related to transactions between buyers and sellers. Their provisions usually indicate the purchase price of the goods and their date of delivery, even if the contracts are concluded before the goods are manufactured and the whole country is broken in a facility.

However, companies can usually unsubscribe from an acquisition contract by negotiating with the other party and paying a royalty. The acquisition contract plays an important role for the producer. Taketake agreements can also give buyers an advantage and serve as a way to secure goods at a certain price. This means that prices for the buyer are set before the start of manufacturing….

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