Which Of The Following Sentences Uses The Correct Subject-Verb Agreement

The correct sentences as well as the explanations in parentheses are written below: (The correspondence of the verb subject is false. The dog and the boy are two different things. Two things mean a « plural » subject. So the verb should also be in the plural. This sentence should also be said: the dog and the boy go to the park.) Students demonstrate their competence in the use of subject-verb agreements. (The subject`s agreement is wrong. « Criterion » is a singular noun. With SingularSubstantiv, we use Singular Subject. This sentence should be written as follows: The relevant criterion is that the student is in university and has a high cumulative grade point average.) Here are three telephone directories; maybe one of them has the right phone number. (The SubjectVerb match is correct.

« Team » is a collective name. A collective name is a singular noun, e.B. Some of the dog`s behavioral problems, such as digging, only affect the dog`s owner. Constantly barking over long periods of time is a sign that something is wrong. In ancient Egypt, a preserved body wrapped in bandages was called a mummy. There are magazines on the shelf, and you can borrow any of them. In the long queue at the water well were two students who were about to go to class. The ship`s crew members eat two hours before the start of the shift. A good cook with the right equipment facilitates the diced vent of an onion. .

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